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Asset and Development Management

Management of large-scale income producing assets is a specialised business. We habitually undertake proactive assessments of all assets and prepare full “business plans” which include asset lifecycle planning, capex plans and divestment strategies.

Strategic planning, asset and development management requirements for our clients can be addressed through a variety of structures, including:

1. Individual Mandates (typically $10m - $100m+)
CAP will source an investment asset (or a series of assets) for a single investment partner and provide full “end to end” asset management and operational services for the life of the  holding.

2. Collective Investment Mandate (typically $2m - $10m)
CAP will facilitate a group of investment partners with similar investment parameters and source assets to be collectively held and managed within a managed investment structure.

3. Wholesale Managed Investment Fund (typically $100k to $2m) CAP will identify appropriate investment assets and facilitate the assembly of a group of investors to participate in a managed investment structure. CAP manages the assets, including the operational aspects, for the life of the holding.

4. Residency-related Investment Mandates ($5m+/$15m+) Significant Investor Visa and Premium Investor Visa within the Federal Government’s SIV and PIV regime, CAP can provide strategies to assist in fulfilling the requirements of ‘subclass 188’ visas.

Asset Strategy

To be accepted into an CAP managed structure, all assets (including development assets) must exhibit:

  • Adherence to the CAP Investment Philosophy
  • Compliance with essential selection criteria
  • Capital profit opportunities – through market repositioning, redevelopment or income increments
  • Cogent exit strategy – future attractiveness to a broad market
  • Controlled cost structures – economic life cycle, maintenance and capex requirements

Business Capital
Strategy Advisory

As a business grows into maturity, it is necessary to consider appropriate capitalisation of the business, whether this is required as investment to take the business to the next level of growth or to allow for capital release for the owners/founders. CAP has developed an ongoing interest and expertise in facilitating the planning and execution of capital strategies to provide for these requirements.  

Whether the required capital takes the form of debt, equity or a hybrid solution, CAP can lead this strategic process and introduce the appropriate capital to meet the futures needs of the organisation and the various stakeholders. Capital planning is a process which should be commenced early in the business life-cycle, as capital requirements should be an influential consideration in all strategic decisions of the business.  

CAP can lead and champion this process to ensure that opportunities can be identified and leveraged in a timely and beneficial manner for the organisation.

Family Office

Having long-standing interests and associations with successful and growing privately-owned businesses, the Foundation Partners understand the importance of strategy and planning in the management of grow for these organisations. Further, when generational change events are imminent within family businesses, guidance and strategy are key in easing the required transitions and capital re-organisation.

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