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The Capital Access Partners organisation is the product of the combined experience of its Principal Partners. Our long-standing involvement in the development and real estate professions has driven us to structure the operations of CAP as a truly investor-centric organisation.

We provide focused investment acquisition,  development, and asset management services to a diverse range of wholesale, private and institutional clients in Australia and abroad.

Through its Principal Partners and Strategic Partner relationships, CAP has access to deep knowledge and experience in the areas in which we operate.  This is what sets us apart and provides CAP with the ability to impact development investment performance through considered goal-setting, operational efficiencies, adoption of optimum technologies and targeted management.

Our People

Steven Goakes - Principal Partner

Steven Goakes brings a unique, extensive and invaluable skill set to the organisations with which he works. His 30 year career has focused on law, real estate development and investment, and funds management.

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Daniel Markovitch - Principal Partner

For over twenty years, Daniel has provided strategic guidance in the property investment and development sector to retail and industry clients nationwide, delivering some of the finest development projects in south-east Queensland.

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Our Partners

Capital Access Partners categorises its business relationships as follows:

Principal Partners – the executives and owners of Capital Access Partners. 

Strategic Partners – external organisations which have entered into strategic relationships with CAP to provide expert services in the pursuit of the aims of the company and its clients.  Strategic partners have a deep understanding of the business model and operations of CAP and have proven their expertise through long-standing business relationships with Principle Partners. 

Development Partners – owners and investors who provide equity capital for CAP managed assets and developments. 

Clients – recipients of CAP strategy services.

Our Clients

Our client services encompass the following diverse cohort, including:

• Australian financial services institutions
• Asian fund managers
• High net wealth individuals and family offices
• Sophisticated and professional investors
• Private clients

Our Experience

The CAP commercial property and development associates are industry leaders, with decades of commercial property acquisition, operation and divestment experience. Those employing Capital Access Partners and its  property team enjoys an ‘unfair advantage’ over the general market.

Our Expertise

CAP has assembled a team with demonstrable expertise in our areas of practice to ensure excellence in the delivery of strategy, asset management, development management and operational management for our clients and Development Partners. 

The CAP team will identify appropriate acquisition targets based on agreed investment criteria, thoroughly assess the commercial viability of the assets, undertake full due diligence and formulate an asset operation plan which addresses the full investment life-cycle including future divestment strategy.

Governance & Compliance

At the heart of our service offering to clients is our understanding and commitment to our service to clients.

With this in mind, we believe that excellence in corporate governance, regulatory compliance and delivery provides palpable business benefits to ourselves and to our development partners.

Across the organisation, we seek for our development partners to have confidence in our asset management and decision-making by ensuring that governance and internal compliance systems are open, effective and comprehensive.  Thorough documentation and review are vital elements in maintaining this confidence.

Risk Management

Efficient and effective risk management is vital in ensuring the success of any development or asset management enterprise and should be central to the thoughts and actions of the organisation.   A risk management system must include standards, processes, review mechanisms and an appropriate corporate culture to ensure that standards are met and exceeded.

At CAP, risk management is integral in the planning of all client mandates and asset management structures.  Risk management systems are tailored for each project, communicated regularly to those involved and periodically reviewed for ongoing effectiveness and relevance.

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